Try Out Information

Thank you for your interest in playing for the Wheeling Amateur Hockey Association next season. Registration for evaluations will be available on our website closer to evaluations. You will be required to pay a nonrefundable registration fee. We ask that your player bring their practice jersey to the evaluation session, if they don’t have a jersey, one will be provided. Please be aware, 8U players do not have a formal tryout process as detailed in the evaluation manual.

Teams for next season will be formed as a result of performance at an evaluation session. The evaluations will be conducted by the Selection Committee.  The Evaluation Panel will consist of volunteers of our association including the Coaching Coordinator, select coaching staff members, and a team of outside evaluators.

Using input from Evaluation Panel, the team Selection Committee will make the final decision regarding the team selections. Players will be told of their team placement by the end of the week after evaluations conclude. Coaches will be determined after team selections.

The Evaluation Panel and Selection Committee will be instructed to evaluate players based on the criteria listed on the “Player Report Card and Evaluation Sheet”, provided in the WAHA Player Evaluation Manual.

Accepting a position on a team is a commitment.  Players are expected to attend practices, games, tournaments, etc.

Good luck in your preparation. We look forward to seeing you in next year!


Each year a vast majority of hockey associations undertake the task of placing players on teams. The ultimate goal of the process is to provide players with the best possible experience in an environment where they can grow as hockey players and young people. For many evaluators, coaches, parents and players this can be a tension filled, laborious and frustrating experience – the goal of this document is to make it a more fulfilling and positive experience for all.


Player evaluation can be one of the most difficult tasks for a hockey association to deal with. It can also be the foundation for which an association is built upon. In most cases player evaluation is used to place players onto teams. WAHA will use this manual to not only guide the evaluation and team selection process, but to provide additional tools which will enhance coach and player development in our organization.

Having a solid player evaluation process in place can help make team selection much easier. Not only will it give our association a reference point in dealing with parents and players, it will also give our organization and coaches a starting point to determine where our players are at skill wise.

For WAHA, we will hold evaluations each April in order to select the teams for the subsequent hockey season. Furthermore, to assist in the evaluation process, we will also require coaches to complete written player report cards each season.

Obviously, the evaluations done at the end of the season will place the kids on to teams, but all of the player report card information will also be given to evaluators so that they can see the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

WAHA shall implement, with the assistance of this manual, the adoption and posting of criteria which the evaluators are looking for, so that parents can see what the players are being judged on. The criteria shall be clearly defined, objectively assessed and justifiable.


·      To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player's total hockey skills during the skating and scrimmage sessions.
·      To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity of being selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during the on-ice evaluations.
·      To provide the Selection Committee with the opportunity and flexibility to build teams based on the evaluation sessions and the player report cards.
·      To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year


The Evaluation Panel shall conduct the evaluation scoring on the “Player Report Card and Evaluation Sheet”. The results will be compiled and examined by the Selection Committee and the Selection Committee will determine team placement.

There are several components to consider during the selection of a roster or when there are 2-3 teams in a single age group. The evaluation committee shall work to determine the appropriate number of teams in the age group. Additionally, they will determine the appropriate number of players on each team. Several factors will dictate the outcome of this decision, including the number of players registered, the results of the evaluation process, the collective ability of the players within the age group and any other relevant matters which may present themselves during the examination process.

Play-ups will only be considered when absolutely necessary to roster a team.  This deemed to be a last resort.There is an exception to this when selecting 16U and 18U teams.  16U players can be considered for placement on the 18U team when appropriate.

In the event that additional potential play-ups need to be added to a roster, the WAHA President or Coaching Coordinator will contact the player/family to determine if the player is interested in possibly playing-up in order to fill a roster at the higher age-level.


The evaluation process shall primarily involve:
•               Objective criteria for selection
•               The Evaluation Panel
•               The Selection Committee

Furthermore, any changes to this process shall be established well in advance of when selection decisions are to be made. It will be communicated to all players following approval of the WAHA Board of Directors.

Since all criteria may not be objective, steps will be taken to incorporate basic principles to guide the evaluation committee. For example, one criterion for selection to a team might be “attitude”. Rather than leaving it up to the Evaluation Panel to assess the attitude of an athlete during the evaluation process, the Evaluation Panel shall review the player’s report card which is a more structured measure or indicator of attitude for their coach. This player report card may contain information such as:
•               Willingness of the athlete to take instruction and direction.
•               Leadership qualities demonstrated by the athlete.
•               Ability of the athlete to handle criticism and learn from mistakes.
•               Respect exhibited by the athlete towards coaches, officials, spectators, opponents, etc.
•               Does the player attend off-ice sessions, practices, games, tournaments, etc.

Due to this subjective element in the selection criteria, and thus a certain amount of discretion, it is imperative that the Evaluation Panel be able to give reasons to the Selection Committee for their decision.


After evaluation results are compiled and teams are selected by the Selection Committee, a final determination will be made regarding selection of the head coach.  The Board of Directors shall have final authority to approve the appointment of each head coach and all coaching staff members.


After completion of the evaluation process, the Selection Committee will notify all players of their placement in the form of an email and team selections will be posted on the WAHA website.

Upon receiving the notification, the player will have an acceptance window to register or respond by e-mail as to whether they are accepting or rejecting the position on the team. Furthermore, your tryout does not guarantee you a spot on a team. Unfortunately, there are instances where we simply do not have a large enough enrollment to field teams at specific age groups or occasions where a player’s skill does not match the team skill level. When possible, players not selected for a team will be invited to be practice players.

Any player who is unable to attend the evaluation session will be evaluated based on the player report card and the Evaluation Panels knowledge of the player.

To ensure that we are able to provide a fair evaluation and minimize stress during the evaluation process we ask that parents refrain from distracting any skaters or evaluation personnel during the sessions. Please be guided by the following:
•               Please keep away from the glass, benches and boxes during evaluation sessions.
•               Parents shall only be seated in the stands during the evaluation sessions.
•               Parents may not contact evaluators at any time before, during or after evaluations to discuss any part of the process or results.
•               Please refrain from yelling, cheering and catcalling from the stands during the sessions. Players should be ready to remain focused on the on-ice proceedings without external influences.
•               Evaluations can be a very stressful time for skaters and goaltenders. Please remember to provide a supporting environment for your children and keep the focus on having fun.

We appreciate your support in providing a fair, comprehensive and balanced evaluation process that will lead to a fun and successful upcoming WAHA season.