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Senior League

2017-18 WAHA Senior League

Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/119965814773672/

E-mail:  wahaseniorleague@gmail.com


Online Registration

  1. Be sure you are registered with USA Hockey first.  You will need your confirmation number before proceeding to the next step.   https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action
  2. Register with WAHA. https://wvwaha.sportngin.com/register/form/474446132

All payment is handled through the registration website.  No cash or checks.

Days and Times

Tuesdays @ 10:00pm

Thursdays @ 10:10pm

Saturday @ 10:15pm  (after public skate, start time could be delayed based on when they clean the ice)

Start Date

First night is Saturday October 21.


Tuesday and Thursdays will be pick-up hockey with no refs.

Saturday will be pick-up hockey with a ref.

Split Season

The season, including pick-up, will be broken up into 2 halfs.  The 1st half will run the start of the season (mid-October) up to and including the New Years Weekend.  The 2nd half will be from early January until the end of the season (early March).  Players are welcome to sign up for either half, or both.


All players must be registered with USA Hockey, no exceptions.  Cost of USA Hockey registration is $45.

League Fees

Full Season:  $175

1st Half Only:  $90

2nd Half Only:  $90


All players should use their previous WAHA Senior League reversible jersey.  If you do not have a reversible jersey, please let me know and one will be ordered.  Cost of the jersey is $20.  Until you receive your jersey, please bring a dark and light jersey.


At this time all goalie spots are taken.  If you are interested in being a goalie, please forward me your contact details and USA Hockey registration and I will contact you if we would need a sub.

How Can I Play Senior League For Free?

In order to qualify for free senior league, you must meet the below requirements:

– Travel Hockey Coach and Little Pens.


– 3 out 4

  1. In-House Coach
  2. Power Skating Coach with 90% attendance
  3. Goalie Clinic Coach/Shooter with 90% attendance
  4. Referee in Wheeling (only need 2 out 4 if reffing)

So if you sign up to be a ref (see below about how to and contact info) and come help at goalie clinic for an hour once a week, you can play for free and make money.

If you meet the above qualifications, please register with USA Hockey and send me your confirmation number in order to be registered with the league.

If you would like more information regarding this offer, please contact me.


If you are interested in coaching at the lower levels, please contact Stef Brannare (sbrannare@mccoywealthmgmt.com).  Coaches have the opportunity to lower their league fees.


If you are a USA Hockey certified referee interested in officiating senior league games, please contact me.  If you are interested in becoming a ref, please contact Dave Eckman (daveeckman@comcast.net) for additional information.  Referees will be paid per game, and this can be used to offset your league fees.

Please sign up by October 15.