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Mites are a WAHA house division where young boys and girls learn to incorporate teamwork into their hockey skills. The kids play half-ice hockey, which promotes more “touches” of the puck by all the players, thus improving the skills that the coaches are teaching in practice.

A Message from the Commissioners

“A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY!”…Badger Bob Johnson

Welcome Mite Hockey parents and players of WAHA!

Dividing the children now is very preliminary. If you have two children who are in different groups we will absolutely rearrange so the children are together.

We, the commissioners of the Mites look forward to having a very fun, educational season with your children this year. Mites are a WAHA house division where young boys and girls learn to incorporate teamwork into their hockey skills. The kids play half-ice hockey, which promotes more “touches” of the puck by all the players, thus improving the skills that the coaches are teaching in practice. In mites we coach as a group so your child will not be assigned to a specific coach until later.

As adults we all obviously love the game of hockey. Please remember, for the children it can be somewhat of a tough adjustment. Skates can be very painful at first, it can get really hot out there on the ice and then in a few months they will be cold. Parents, please encourage your child to have a fun time out there and the more time on the ice, the faster they will adjust. This stage of the game is about skill development and learning to love the game. Be sure to have fun and make good friends, there is very little room for the competitive edge at this age.

The coaches that will be working with your children are all very experienced hockey coaches. They have gone through trainings, registrations and screenings. Each coach is registered as a volunteer with USA Hockey, they have had back ground screenings and have completed a SafeSport Training course. For this reason we do not allow any parent/sibling/friend/family members on the ice for any reason, for everyone’s safety.

The Mite division follows USA Hockey practice modules and will have 4-6 stations set up on the ice during practice. This is a great way to develop skills and keep attention spans focused! Please be patient, especially at the beginning of the year. What may appear to be mass chaos is actually a very well planned out and executed practice that ensures the children will learn the developmental skills they need and still have a good experience.

We will quickly be handing out shirts to assign your child a color/team (this makes it easier for our coaches to work with the children in a smaller group), these teams can change at any time to make them fair and balanced, however, it will not effect your scheduled ice time.

Parents – please have all equipment labeled. Play It Again sports has an equipment rental program that includes shin guards, pants, a helmet, shoulder pads and elbow pads. Your child will need any type of jersey to start the season, a neck guard, socks, skates and a stick. The children need all of their equipment, full gear to go on the ice, including mouth guards.

First names must be on the front of the helmet – nice and big on tape written in permanent marker- last names can go on the back. Names on sticks are very important! Just label everything! Please be kind and generous not to take up too much space while getting ready – we will have 60-70 children at one time at the rink either ready to go on the ice or coming off the ice. Keep your belongings together. Throughout the year keep those hockey pads, skates and jerseys clean. Sharpen the skates throughout the year and invest in a good deodorizer for the hockey bag.

Because we are in a developmental level it is not necessary you call your child off for practice, if you want you can drop me an email and let me know if he or she will be gone for an extended time.

Make sure you have uploaded the Completed Consent to Treat and the Code of Conduct for registration!

Please remember USA Hockey has a very strict Zero Tolerance policy. WAHA does enforce this very strictly. If there is a problem leave the rink and give me a call, (the commissioner or manager) … coaches are never to be approached when coming off the ice, this rules applies for the rest of your child’s hockey career.

A plea for volunteers!

We need a few strong folks to help lift the dividers in between sessions (not heavy – just bulky) onto the ice for the coaches. It will take no more than 3-4 minutes to do so. Then help taking them off the ice very quickly so the Zamboni can run. A couple of parent from each group can be responsible. I need a few parents to train on the clock – this is by far the best seat in the house, usually warm and you just run a clock during games, if your child is going to stick with hockey this is a great way to help out. Usually the biggest part of this job is to get the children off the ice and on the ice ON TIME! Ice time is gold…. we cannot afford to waste one second of it!

Caitlin’s Cell 304-218-1068

email: crodocker11@aol.com

I envy you. Enjoy every single moment because as everyone tells you, it goes by so fast. My family hockey memories are among my favorite! Be calm, be patient, be positive and have a great season! -Becky

Registration Prices

Mites: $300
USA Hockey: $45

Mites Registration & Procedures

Registration is done online through USA Hockey.  Click here to learn more and to register.

Equipment Rental

WAHA provides an equipment lease program at a cost of $35 per season, with first year players having preference.  Click here to learn more about this program.

Mite Commissioner

Caitlin Rodocker