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Yates Family Youth Sports Foundation

The Yates Family Youth Sports Foundation was created to offer girls and boys the opportunity to participate in their favorite sport with little or no financial obligation. The Yates family, in cooperation with the Wheeling Park Commission, can make your dreams come true.

Ray Yates, a successful businessman raised in Wheeling, realized the importance of outdoor exercise and the benefit of competitive sports. Ray and his wife, Willie, have created the Yates Family Youth Sports Foundation to honor Ray’s parents, Raymond and Thelma Yates. The Yates Foundation and the Wheeling Park Commission seek to give all Ohio County children the opportunity to learn skills and participate in sports, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Through the Yates Foundation, school-age children who want to participate in sports can receive financial support. Ray and Willie Yates believe that every youngster should have an opportunity to do something wholesome and healthy, and their dream is to see this happen. Thanks to the Yates Foundation, a child’s dream of learning tennis, soccer, hockey, golf, or any other outdoor activity can come true.

How To Apply

Click here to download an application to apply for a Yates Family Youth Sports Foundation scholarship.